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Let This Year’s Fashion Be Flowery!

Cities are at the same time landscapes, too, characterised today mostly by colours of white, red, and grey – stone, brick and concrete, and to a lesser degree by green. The green areas of Cluj, trees and parks – in spite of all strategic thinking – seem to lag behind in proportion under the conditions of impetuous development, although this kind of harmony, a healthy and aesthetic landscape pleasing to the eye should be taken into consideration in refined, civilised, liveable cities.

This year we are also counting on you, the citizens of Cluj, in shaping this landscape. A pot of flowers on the window-sill or on the balcony will immediately change the character, the view of a building. A clean pavement and a few buds of roses in front of the house, and the streetscape is more joyful at once, it becomes part of the city landscape! From this summer on, let us pay more attention to our immediate environment! That is the aim of the Flowered Cluj Movement. Our aim is to convince the citizens of the Treasure City to contribute to a city landscape that is more pleasing to the eye. To convince them to adorn their downtown windows, balconies with flowers, plants, and in the suburbs to, and in the outskirts, to please passers-by by well-kept green areas in front of the houses and the blocks of flats! Let all citizens become city landscape engineers with a minimum of financial investment, a little bit care and attention, and let all of them contribute to the development and the cohesion of the community. Let us all be worthy citizens of the Treasure City!

The towns and cities of the European Union have had their strategies meant to improve their landscapes for decades. The European Association for Flowers and Landscape has been organising a European level competition (Entente Florale Europe), within which the most beautiful settlements are awarded each year.

The aim of the Cluj/Kolozsvár Town Embellishment Society is that as a result of the Flowered Cluj Movement, the city of Cluj, with the participation of its citizens, to present a beautiful and clean city landscape, worthy of a European city. We trust that together we will be able to set Cluj again as an example to follow for other Transylvanian and Romanian settlements, and perhaps in a few years, even to win one of the awards of the Entente Florale Europe competition.

In case you became interested in this and wish to become part of this movement, please proceed as follows:

1. Take a picture of your flower-decorated window, balcony or house, and upload the photograph (a maximum of 5) to the following link: http://varosszepito.ro/kolozsvari-varosszepites-palyazasi-urlap.html 

2. Simultaneously with the uploading give us your address, phone number and e-mail so that we can let you know in time about the results of the movement and the new projects of our society.

3. Applications can be submitted (photographs uploaded) until the 20th of August 2017.

4. The results of the competition will be made public on the 10th of September 2017.

5. For further information and details about the project and the association visit www.varosszepito.ro .

6. Do not hesitate to contact us at office@varosszepito.ro for any questions or further inquiries.